Mr. Michael Kieran stepped down as President of The Pillars Trust Fund (PTF) in June. The Board wishes to express our deepest gratitude to Michael for his unstinting dedication to the mission of PTF over many years. He will continue to serve with equal devotion in his new post as Past President.

Michael’s wise leadership and vision during a time of change and challenge led The Board to engage in new strategic thinking. He recognized that there was a new dynamism taking root in our community which had to be nourished. He also knew that Pillars had to adapt to new realities and must devise new pathways to better serve the English-Speaking Catholic Community. To that end PTF supported many new initiatives e.g. The Parish Vitality Conference, The Lenten Mission, The Last Chance Mass and the new website Ville Marie On Line.

Michael also encouraged closer communication with our beneficiaries, our sister organizations and our Pastors. In June of this year he gave a power point presentation at the annual deanery meeting. He has spent countless extra hours meeting with our sister organizations or attending events that foster the spiritual growth of the community. It was not unknown for Michael to attend two meetings in one day on behalf of Pillars –all this despite a heavy work and travel schedule for his company.

He made expanding our donor list a top priority. Continued financial resources are necessary for a vibrant and dynamic English-Speaking Catholic Community and the services it provides. We have already begun this work.

In the role of Past President, Michael will continue to ably assist The Board in its deliberations. For that and his past unselfish work we are indeed deeply indebted.

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