Message from the President

If God is for us …

Greetings Catholics!

The Pillars Trust Fund’s annual giving campaign for 2017 wrapped up recently and, while there’s room for improvement, let me express my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the community to all of you who supported the campaign.

We are always extremely mindful of – and feel privileged for – the trust you place in Pillars when you donate.

Sometimes real progress takes time.

In 2017, as a complement to our traditional support of Pastoral Ministry, Pillars charted a bold, new course in response to feedback received from our priests and pastors. We hired Pillars’ first Parish Vitality Facilitator, Terrel Joseph, in a move intended to provide tangible support to local Montreal parishes seeking help with renewal initiatives. As Terrel continues his diligent work, we remain excited about this grassroots direction and optimistic about the fruits it will bear.

After all, as Saint Paul asked in his second letter to the Romans: “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

In addition, rest assured that our volunteer board of directors will be hard at work in 2018 directing the funds raised to continue supporting our parishes, priests, youth and beneficiary organizations.

As we prepare for the Resurrection of our Lord during this Lenten season, the Pillars board of directors will be holding its annual strategic planning session to prepare and chart a course for 2018 and beyond. We ask for your prayers of support. Specifically, please pray that God will bless our team with the same clarity that Easter provided to the disciples of Jesus, who, as we recall during this Lenten season, struggled to understand the meanings of the proclamations He made of His passion on the final journey to Jerusalem.

Please pray that our English-speaking Catholic community will benefit from Pillars’ continued support, in new and meaningful ways, for vibrant parishes and beneficiary organizations carrying out good work in the spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you and God bless!


p.s.  The Pillars Trust Fund is always looking for skilled volunteers (Catholic stewards) to help in the areas of fundraising, finance, marketing, communications, website development, social media or online presence and office assistance. If you have a few hours to spare during the week and feel this might be of interest to you, kindly send your CV to the Pillars Trust Fund at and highlight your area(s) of expertise and interest.