Benedict Labre House

The Benedict Labre House was established in 1952 by Mr. Tony Walsh as a day center for the homeless.  The House originally served the residents of Griffintown which was a predominantly Irish, working-class neighborhood. Today, the Benedict Labre House serves a more diverse population made up of men and women from all different walks of life.

The staff and volunteers are committed to providing the guests of the House with essential services such as hot meals, emergency food bags, clothing, showers, as well as providing a variety of individualized services and programs, all which are available at no cost to its guests. The House has always been deeply rooted in the community and as a result relies heavily on volunteers to provide many of the essential services, either through donations or by lending a helping hand. We currently have in excess of 500 volunteers providing over 10,000 hours of their valuable time to the House.  The Benedict Labre House is a home for the homeless, a refuge for those in need.