Camp Caritas

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A Christian summer camp offering a unique program to teenage boys under the direction of Father John Baxter. In addition to promoting character formation and spiritual growth, Camp Caritas strives to meet the challenge of secularization of Christian youth today through the example of Christian leadership, brotherhood, community and faith.

Camp Caritas has been a camp for young men since 1972

Over the years, Camp Caritas has used Native American themes to promote brotherhood, respect and sportsmanship amongst the campers. The Inukshuk, is a man-shaped stone monument that the Inuits erected in the northern lands to guide their people when they went on a journey. Visible from far, they indicated the right direction to follow. Wanuskewin is an indian word meaning Living in harmony. All the campers must learn to live in harmony with each other. With their cabin mates or with their team mates, they must all understand the true meaning of harmony. Wanuskewin is also the name of the center place where everybody meets before and after all the camp activities. From a Mohawk word, Roh-Ya-Neh means “Walks a good path”. Caritas wants all its campers to walk the right path in life by making the right choices. Caritas offers the perfect atmosphere to promote this theme in all the activities. From a Mohawk word, Guan Yesta means “Respect”. Caritas wants its campers to understand why respect is so important in our lives today under all its forms: respect for nature and the environment, respect for each other and yourself.

Team Sports & Outdoor Activities

The Sports Program is highly organized: a sports director oversees all the games and prepares all the game schedules. The camp philosophy is to give each team a chance to win. Caritas recognizes not only the efforts of a team to win but also the individual effort of certain players.

Caritas has a fully equipped waterfront. Its licensed lifeguards run a safe waterfront and enforce the “buddy system” for all swimmers. Our waterfront is equipped with kayaks, canoes, sailboats, a swimming area (with buoys), a giant floating raft, and water polo nets. After an exciting morning of sports or after a hot afternoon of outdoor activity, all campers can cool off in the water.

Special trips

During a camp session, special trips are organized for the campers. Only the most motivated and deserving campers are selected for these special trips. These campers are selected for their ability to keep focused, and for following and listening carefully to the instructions for some difficult activities.

Scaling a nearby rock face: Only a few campers are allowed to go on this trip, for it is crucial that the selected ones are serious-minded and mature enough. Teamwork and concentration are a must.

Kayaking down the Rouge River: During the camp session, kayak training lessons are given to the senior cabins and from these training sessions are picked the best kayakers. They will be part of a team that will go on an exciting 90 minute kayak trip down The Rouge River. Together they will challenge the white waters, and will share an experience that they will remember for a long time.

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